Located in Bloomington, Indiana, HealthLINC is a non-profit serving medical providers and institutions throughout Indiana.  HealthLINC supports health information technology (HIT) adoption, health information exchange (HIE), and the innovative use of information for improved health care outcomes.  HealthLINC and its partners have received several national innovation awards and participated in large scale federal grants to accelerate quality outcomes using HIT.
HealthLINC enables participants in the health care system to make smarter decisions that enhance care, improve outcomes, enhance efficiencies, and lower health care costs. We achieve these goals with our clients by eliminating duplicate medical testing, providing a secure environment for providers to share patient information, and providing real time electronic delivery of lab, radiology, and transcribed reports.
From the beginning, HealthLINC has been led by physicians and nurses, along with a team of individuals with backgrounds in medical office and hospital operations.  Because of this, HealthLINC is uniquely positioned to help healthcare providers meet the challenges the current climate presents.