HealthLINC, a community partner with The Health Collaborative, began operations in October 2007 to connect our healthcare communities through health information exchange. We now have greater than 150,000 patients in it community patient index and are sending greater than 110,000 secure clinical results/month.

In 2003 only 3 percent of the medical practices used an EMR in Monroe and Orange Counties for their patients. By 2009, greater than 50% of the physician practices in Monroe and an amazing 76% of the practices in Orange have functional electronic medical records for their patients. This progress was directly facilitated by HealthLINC activities.

In leading the regional HIE, HealthLINC is able to a provide secure, clinical messaging system that delivers greater than 110,000 medical results per month between the hospital, private practices and indigent care clinics. This system reduces redundant testing and “turns the paper off” resulting in cost savings that will translate into reduced health care costs. These systems also benefit the community by reducing the incidence of lost or misplaced test results and, therefore, ensure timely medical action is taken if needed.

HealthLINC is a true community collaboration that includes 85% of the community physicians and has benefited from funding directly from the physician community. We continue to make special efforts to improve care coordination for under-served populations including the uninsured and patients with chronic mental illness. Our network includes the majority of these providers in a 4 county region with a goal of 100% inclusion of these fragile populations. Other community partners include Bloomington Hospital, Centerstone Research Institute, Premier Healthcare, Cook Clinic, Internal Medicine Associates, Southern Indiana Radiological Associates, and Volunteers in Medicine of Monroe County. Providing Health Information Exchange creates the opportunity for improved care coordination. HealthLINC regularly analyzes statistics including total results/month per practice, results/month at the community level, and the number of practices with clinical messaging.

HealthLINC’s efforts have set the stage for care coordination improvements via current use of HIT such as Clinical Messaging and data connected EMR to provide service provider connectivity. HealthLINC has created a health service directory that includes 333 physicians and is growing on a monthly basis.

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