Enhancing Community Care Management through Leveraging an Encounter Notification System for Better Care, Quality & Cost Outcomes

Quality care often depends on knowing where your patients have received care. Hospital visits cost significantly more than a regular office visit, and result in fragmented care, medication confusion, and missed opportunities for preventive and routine examination. Timely follow-up and collaboration on transitions can improve patient outcomes. With daily notification, physicians and other clinicians can accelerate their patients’ follow-up care in the office following ED visits, outpatient procedures, or hospitalizations.

About Care Alerts
Care alerts notify physicians and other clinicians when their patients are admitted to the emergency or other hospital department, receive outpatient procedures and are admitted or discharged from the hospital.

Process to transform ADT message into an alert



  • Source System creates ADT Message—Hospital registration system delivers ADT (admission, discharge, transfer) with any change in patient activity within that facility.
  • HealthLINC Receives ADT Message—The HIE filters all ADT messages sent so only appropriate alerts are used in the notification process.
  • HealthLINC Processes ADT Message— Using the current office patient profile, the patient matching function identifies the correct office for the Alert
  • HealthLINC Creates the Care Alert—Once the patient is matched to the correct provider, an Alert is generated according to recipient choice, ie daily, real time, other.
  • HealthLINC Sends Alerts via DIRECT Secure Messaging—The Care Alert is delivered via secure Direct email to the appropriate providers or care managers for management.
The Four Step Process to High Risk Patient Care Management—IN ONLY 8 WEEKS!

HealthLINC knows there isn’t time to change how you do your work all at once, so it has developed a four step process that allows you to make changes incrementally, quickly, and in profound ways.

  • Red person in middle of bluePatient Navigate —Prepare for discharges earlier. HealthLINC sends customized electronic Alerts to your Care Managers (or key staff) enabling them to track patient transitions in care.
  • Patient Activate—Redirect care to reduce costly care patterns. HealthLINC prepares a monthly Alerts Report to your practice so you can actively engage in high-risk patient events rather than react to them.
  • Practice Analyze—HealthLINC trains and coaches key staff and care managers to utilize the Alerts in office workflow to improve patient focused care and quality improvement directed toward appropriate Emergency Department utilization and reduction in hospital readmissions.
  • Community Engage—HealthLINC facilitates use of Direct technology and shared Alerts to coordinate care across multiple providers and organizations including hospitals.

For more information on Care Alerts, please contact Kathy Church at 877.331.5477.