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Let us know if you would like to hang out with us for a semester by submitting your resume and cover letter to  We look forward to hearing from you!

Some of our past interns:

Kathleen Chelminiak


Kathleen received a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from Indiana University Bloomington. She completed two internships related to Public Health during her studies. She focused on her passion for children during her first internship with HealthLINC starting in January 2013, working in an EMR to improve the care of a population of pediatric patients. Her second intership took her into the field of technology and quality reporting systems in Fort Collins, Colorado.

She was then employed with HealthLINC as the Apprenticeship Coordinator for the Indiana Rural Health Information Technology Education Network (IRHITEN), an education network formed between HealthLINC, Indiana Rural Health Association, and Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana. She significantly supported the development of the apprenticeship program through creating student materials, managing student progress, creating and editing outreach materials, exhibiting at conferences to promote the program, reaching out to organizations to be preceptor sites for students, and giving presentations to educate on the program. She focused on workforce development in rural areas of Indiana, working primarily with critical access hospitals and rural health clinics.

Embarking on her first career, Kathleen appreciated the opportunity to initiate and grow this program. As HealthLINC's partnership with IRHA ended, that organization jumped at the chance to add her to their team.  In her free time, she enjoys paddle boarding, the farmers market, hiking, running, cycling, and participating in a local church.